Fabulous Fudge


  Little Chef 3 LOVES desserts! She chose Fabulous Fudge by Anne Thornton. This is a perfect recipe for little ones. It is easy and quick for those with short attention spans.  Make sure all everything is chopped and measured out ready to go. Once you start it goes quick and there isn’t time to measure.
  The ingredients were gathered.  A 9×9 glass pan was covered in foil, long enough to overhang to help in pulling it out later.

  The only ingredient that needed to be chopped was the walnuts. I pulled out the hand chopper (not sure what the official name is!) for Little Chef 3 to use. The walnuts were tougher to cut through and required more force, yet she was able to do it successfully with minimal help.

  In a saucepan Little Chef D was able to pour in the sweetened condensed milk, semisweet chips and milk chocolate chips. She then stirred it a bit then added “a pinch of salt.” Little Chef 3 loved pouring a bit of salt in the palm of her hand and then dumping it into the saucepan. Its funny because two other Little Chefs would have been confused by the lack of measurement!

 I explained we couldn’t add anymore ingredients until the chocolate is fully melted and shiny. I showed her a place that was shiny and a place that is not shiny. Little Chef 3 said “Shiny is on Dinosaur Train.” She proceeded to sing the theme song! Sometimes the connections Little Chefs make are so funny!

  The chocolate was fully melted and shiny Little Chef D then added the walnuts and vanilla. 

  The directions were to pour the fudge into the foil lined pan. Little Chef D is not strong enough nor coordinated enough to do this on her own. I held the saucepan over the pan while she helped the fudge fall into the pan. I then showed her how one part was very high and another part was very low. I instructed her to smooth out the fudge so it was all the same height.  Actually, her definition of smoothing out was repeatedly hitting the fudge over and over!

  The fudge was set out to cool for a bit, then put into the refrigerator for a few hours. We took it out and gave assistance in cutting the fudge into squares. The Little Chefs thought this fudge was wonderful! It was creamy and crunchy because of the walnuts.

  For my review: I agree with my Little Chefs, however my personal preference would be to reverse the ratio of milk chocolate and semisweet chocolate chips. This is a good recipe for a beginner chef, a dump and stir recipe! Fabulous Fudge would be a fun treat to make for friends or neighbors. What is better then combining yummy treats with good conversation!

Fabulous Fudge

Anne Thornton



Add the condensed milk to a small saucepan. Pour the chips into the pan, give a stir, and make sure that the milk coats all the chips. Add a pinch of salt. Cook over low heat until it’s melted and glossy and a looks like a thick, hot fudge.

Add the vanilla and walnuts, making sure to coat the nuts with the fudge. (I like to make double triple batches of this and freeze the extra.)

Line the bottom and sides of a 9-inch square baking pan with foil. You want to leave about 4 inches of overhang on the 2 opposite sides. These serve as your handles to remove the fudge from the pan in 1 piece, so make sure that there is enough of the overhang for you to have a solid grip.

Pour the fudge into the pan and smooth it out, getting it in all the corners. Let the fudge come to room temperature, then put in the fridge for 3 hours or so. This will make it easier to cut.

Pop out of the pan and cut into little pieces.

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