Mom’s Banana Dessert

Five Little Chefs – Mom’s Banana Dessert

  I’ve been working hard trying to find some recipe options that would appeal to Little Chef D as well as being at her level.  I have found myself looking at recipes a different way. How many steps does it have? How much cutting is involved? Are the ingredients hard to find?  Mom’s Banana Dessert by Paula Deen is a perfect fit for Little Chef D. She loves desserts, but she also is very capable of making this recipe….or so I thought.

  The ingredients were easy to find and all familiar to my Little Chefs. They all were very excited when they realized the Oreo’s we bought were for the dessert. Little Chef D had been asking for a few days now if it was her turn for her dessert. She very much wants to be a part of this experiment and wants her moment of fame with her sisters! (She is probably more excited about showing off for her sisters!)
 First Little Chef D needed to crush the Oreos. Seems pretty simple. She very carefully and slowly counted out the Oreo’s, put them in the bag, then closed it. I explained to crush them she could hit the bag with the rolling pin or roll it while pushing down. Don’t worry they will break apart but all the pieces will stay in the bag. She rolled it across the bag just wonderfully, however she didn’t have enough force to break any of them. She tried again and again and it was not working out, still only a few were crushed. She preferred hitting the bag! Just now sitting here I probably should have had her put them in the food processor and pulse them. She easily could have done that.

  I was smarter for the pecans. I got out the chopper for her to use. This is my new favorite tool. All my Little Chefs have had pretty good (not perfect) success.

  I had her save the bananas to the end to cut so they wouldn’t change color so much. Since they are so soft I thought she could cut them with a butter knife. It would be safer for her to handle, and it did work! I tried explaining uniform size to her. I’m not sure she really “got it” but she tried her best cutting so all the pieces looked the same. She did a very good job!

  Now came the fun part. She lined up all the glasses in a row. We got these as a wedding gift but haven’t really used them. They were tucked away in a box, none of my Little Chefs knew we had them. All, especially Little Chef D were so excited about the glasses they wouldn’t stop talking about how pretty they were! The layering began. Since the bananas were first and Little Chef D was still a little unsure of what was happening she only put 4 or 5 in each glass.

  Half way done she was really getting the hang of it. She piled on the cookies as high as the glass would let her. Then she ate whatever was left in the bowl with the spoon! She helped put on the whipping cream. We received a really neat WhipRite Whipped Cream Dispenser. I am super excited about it, but Little Chef D was not able to use it on her own. Her hands need to grow a lot more before she can use it on her own.

   You can never have enough chocolate syrup! She wanted to create a huge pool of chocolate in each one!

  The dessert was topped off with the pecans. I did take the picture before the spoons were placed inside because I knew part of the dessert was going to fall out….and it did! 

  The Little Chefs said “This is sooo good!” “This is sooo delicious!”  I think Little Chef D ate too much along the way, she was the only one who didn’t finish. She did want to come back to it and nibbled on it it later. Maybe that was her plan all along!
  For my review, I love that it is so simple to put together. All the ingredients are readily available because who doesn’t have Oreo’s in their pantry every now and then..or more often?! If you look closely the layering isn’t exactly as the recipe calls. Little Chef D was a lot excited to start and things didn’t go perfectly. I believe with the proper distribution of the cookie this would be a fantastic simple dessert. I wanted cookie in every bite. I even added more whipped cream in the middle! It needed that moisture with so much cookie in the middle. I would also prefer the bananas cut even smaller, not in rounds but in half rounds (is that such a term?). I think this recipe would be fun for a bunch of girls or boys to make their own at a birthday or holiday party!

Mom’s Banana Dessert

Paula Deen


  • 2 cups whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 15 cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (recommended: Oreo), crushed
  • 4 bananas, sliced
  • 1/4 cup chopped pecans, toasted
  • Chocolate syrup


Whip the cream with the sugar until firm peaks form.

Fill a large glass bowl or small parfait glasses with half the cookies, banana slices, nuts and half the whipped cream. Drizzle chocolate syrup over the cream, then layer the remaining cookies, bananas, remaining whipped cream, a little more chocolate syrup, and then toasted nuts. Serve.

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