Raspberry-Orange Smoothie

Five Little Chefs – Raspberry-Orange Smoothie


This week for our new drink my Little Chefs tried Raspberry-Orange Smoothie found on the food network site. This was super simple. Everything was dumped into the blender and the button pushed.  The ingredients are almost all described in the title, raspberries, orange juice, plain yogurt and of course ice.  The recipe was doubled because there are a lot of us!

After the ingredients were measured out Little Chef D dumped them all into the blender. Yes the instructions for the blender say put the ice in last, but I can say it works putting the ice in first. I thought for sure we would have spilled something all over the counter and floor, but she did very well. Only a couple raspberries ended up on the floor.


She scooped in the yogurt when I turned around to put the dirty bowl in the sink and make sure the machine was working. I turned back around and she was having a great time playing with the yogurt making something I’m not sure what! Luckily she did this with the spoon and not her fingers!

You would think it was the Little Chefs who spilled on the counter, but no, I am the guilty party! I tried filling it up to the top when a big part came out all at once. This smoothie was very thick to pour.


Little Chef A, C and D enjoyed this smoothie very much. Little Chef H not so much, perhaps because the raspberries were too tart even with a little sugar added. She did have fun playing with the straw though!  Little Chef C said the raspberries got stuck in her teeth!
For my review, I love making smoothies with kids because they are so quick. Even those with short attention spans are able to sit through the entire recipe. I enjoyed this drink. I love that it was thick! The tartness from the raspberries is just how I like it. The Little Chefs voted and decided this would be a good one to make again! Success!

Raspberry-Orange Smoothie
Food Network Magazine


Blend 1 cup each orange juice and raspberries, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 cup ice, and sugar to taste.


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