Frozen Yogurt Drops

Five Little Chefs – Frozen Yogurt Drops

Frozen Yogurt Drops is not our idea. In fact I saw it on Pinterest and pinned it like many others. I wanted to see if Little Chefs could make these themselves. It does seem very simple. Only 4 steps!
1. Fill a ziploc bag with any type of yogurt, we used about 1 cup. Do you know the ziploc trick? Roll the top of the bag down so the new top edge is actually the inside of the bag. Now when you spill on the top part of the bag as you fill it you are actually spilling on the inside of the bag. When you roll it back up to zip it closed you do not need to wipe off the top edge!
2. After zipping the bag closed just barely cut off the tip of the bag. Because yogurt is so soft it will ooze out of the hole without any effort. The bigger the hole, the bigger the mess! Even with a small hole our bag was filled too much for little hands. Little Chef D could not figure out how to stop the flow of the yogurt. I showed her many times to lift the cut corner up and to stop squeezing. She had a difficult time just holding the bag without squeezing, lifting and lowering the cut end.

3. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Squeeze the yogurt bag on top of the wax paper in small drops. Whatever size you want to eat is the size you want to make. Little Chef D made some very small and some very large! Little Chef C took a turn. She was more successful holding the bag and making more uniform drops. Apparently making the drops is very tedious work and both Little Chefs C and D lost their attention very quickly. I was left to finish up. When the cookie sheet was full Little Chef D opened her mouth for me to squeeze out the rest of the yogurt into her mouth! It was so funny to her she had to tell everyone throughout the day!


4. Pop the cookie sheet into the freezer for a few hours until hardened. Pop them off the wax paper to enjoy or keep the extra’s in a ziploc bag in the freezer for later. WARNING: These do not stay frozen for very long out of the freezer! How long this not long? I took the cookie sheet out of the freezer, popped them off to fill this bowl, took the picture and they were melting. The ones left on the cookie sheet, that hadn’t been eaten by little hands, after about the 5 minutes had melted. Little Chef D was scooping the yogurt up into her mouth!



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