Welcome 2013!

Welcome to the new design of Five Little Chefs! I was hoping to get everything set by today, but sadly that did not happen. Hopefully little changes here and there will not affect the performance of the site.

My Little Chefs have enjoyed learning to cook this past year and would now like to expand their learning adventures. We will still be cooking once or twice a week as they do not want to stop that completely. We will be adding a day or two of crafts. Just as they like to create things by cooking, they also like to create things with paper, markers, or anything they can get their hands on. They have vivid imaginations and are very proud of themselves whenever they create anything. Fantastic Thursday will also continue but will be expanded to include not just recipes but also crafts or other kid friendly ideas. Friday will be Giveaway/Review day. We are also excited to be doing more product, restaurant reviews and giveaways. We have one new giveaway scheduled for each Friday in January! You will not want to miss this so mark it on your calendar now! The winners will be announced weekly at Fantastic Thursday.

Here at our house we had a great Christmas break! We had a lot of parties and food. We spent a lot of time creating different crafts for family members. My Little Chefs LOVE making gifts for each other. In fact they have more excitement and anticipation in waiting to GIVE their homemade gifts to each other versus what they are asking to RECEIVE. I find it important to teach my Little Chefs it is important to give but also to be thankful for what they receive. We got out some art supplies and each of my Little Chefs made thank you cards to deliver to those who gave them a gift.

Writing LetterDecorating a CardDecorating a CardDecorating a Card

They had a great time creating and personalizing their cards.

Finished thank you cardFinished thank you cardFinished thank you cardFinished thank you card

Just a few pieces of patterned paper, glue and some markers can make them happy while learning an important lesson.

Don’t forget to come back to our linky party, Fantastic Thursday, and our first giveaway of the year this Friday!


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